Old Nokia 3310 vs New Nokia 3310 (2017)

Preeti 28th-Feb-2017/  12:00 PM Nokia 3310 News

Best Snake Game In Old Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 is the king of all times. Your smartphone has many features like gorilla glasses, waterproof etc. but it can not survived against nokia 3310. Nokia 3310 is truly indestructible device on the planet.

After a long time of 17 years nokia has launched his masterpiece again via a licensing deal with HMD Global. Before Apple, samsung nokia ruled the world.

Now, we're going to tell you what has changed in those 17 years in nokia 3310.

Old Nokia 3310 vs New Nokia 3310 : Design and build

In 2000 : 113x48x22mm and 133gm
In 2017 : 115.6x51x12.8gm and 79.6g

In weight new nokia 3310 is just half of old nokia 3310. It is thin by the old phone and slightly taller too.

New nokia 3310 is available in four colours red, yellow, matt in blue and grey.
The button layout of 2017 nokia 3310 is completely different.

Old Nokia 3310 vs New Nokia 3310 : Display

In 2000 : 1.5-inch, 84x48 pixels, 65ppi monochrome LCD
In 2017 : 24inch, 240x320px, color LCD

The old Nokia phone has monochrome display so it is only used to read messages, making calls and play snake(all time favorite)

New nokia is now coloured.

Old Nokia 3310 vs New Nokia 3310 : Connectivity

In 2000 : dual band GSM 900/1800 Mhz
In 2017 : Dual band GSM 900/1800 Mhz, Micro-USB, Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, microSD, FM radio

Old nokia 3310 has no bluetooth, wifi, no USB nothing.
But new 3310 has changed with time and it is far ahead of old one.
New nokia is not 3G.

Old Nokia 3310 vs New Nokia 3310 : Camera

In 2000 : no camera
In 2017 : 2-mega pixel with LED flash.

At the time of old nokia 3310 there are no social sites and there is no other kinds of internet facilities available for photos uploading. So no need of camera on phone.

The new nokia 3310 has 2 Mp camera.

Old Nokia 3310 vs New Nokia 3310 : Battery

In 2000 : 900 MAh, removable battery, 55 hours standby, 2.5 hours talktime.
In 2017 : 1200 MAh, removable battery, 31 hours standby, 22 hours talktime

New 2017 phone has long hours of standby. So you have no need of charging for a month.

Old Nokia 3310 vs New Nokia 3310 : Snake

In 2000 : It was fantastic
In 2017 : disappointed

Old Nokia 3310 vs New Nokia 3310 : Price

In 2000 : around 5800
In 2017 : around 3500

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