World's Oldest Manatee enters Guinness World Record 2017 Edition as the World's Oldest Manatee. Congratulate him and wish him For Good Health.

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Snooty - The Oldest Manatee

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Snooty is currently 67 years old. He was born on 21st July, 1948 and presently lives at South Florida Museum in Bradenton, Florida, USA. He was brought to the museum in 1949 at that time when he was just a calf.

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In the museum there is a pool of capacity 60,000 US-gal (230,000-litre). Snooty lives in that pool with other manatees.

Snooty's long life owes to the fact that he lives in the museam which has controlled enviornment from childhood. Wild manatees die before the age of 10-11 because of boat strikes, fishing debris, health issues etc.

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According to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Corporatin says the oldest aged wild manatee was 59 years old. Corporation monitors manatees population and growth routine.

The workers of the museum says about snooty, "He's definately more interested in people than other manatees. He doesn't really seem to form bonds with other manatees, but doesn't seem to mind them. He really likes people."

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When Snooty turned 67, his fans from all over the world sends him birthday wishes and cards to congratulate him and the museum also on his incredibl age.

Snooty will appear in the new Guiness World Records 2017 Edition book alongside many other amazing record breaking animals.

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